Two liquid liner recommendations from someone who knows what's up

If Anna Wintour can sport a bowl cut every waking day of her life then I can wear liquid liner 'til I die and call it a look.

Liquid liner is my thing. I have been on the flicks since the age of fifteen pretty much non-stop, and now I feel naked without them. I've tried smokey looks (horrific and not work appropriate), a dusting of bronze shadow with just a light coat of mascara (lame) and smudgey brown pencil liner courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury (nice but still nah). Still the only eye look which makes me feel really myself is a thick, matte black flick and a solid metric tonne of mascara.

I think of my dedication to liquid liner less as an unwillingness to experiment, and more as a commitment to a signature look. If Anna Wintour can sport a bowl cut every waking day of her life (why has no one else noticed this?!) then I can wear liquid liner 'til I die and call it a look

In the decade plus that I've been wearing my makeup this way *pauses to hyperventilate into a paper bag at how old that makes me sound* I've tried every. liner. going. I have strong opinions. For example, Rimmel without exception make very bad eyeliners which smudge all over the place within hours, Maybelline pen liners dry out offensively quickly, I could go on. But today I want to recommend to you the two best liners I have found in over ten years of trying them. That's right. I know what's up. 

FIRSTLY, THE EXPENSIVE ONE Shu Uemura's Calligraphi:ink liner looks like your standard felt tip applicator liner, but is in fact a tiny paint brush housed on the end of a perfectly weighted pen (refill ink available at Shu Uemura counters). Shaking the pen dispenses the perfect amount of liquid liner into the pen tip, which you can then use to glide your liner on so smoothly it's almost impossible to mess it up. It stays all day, it's blacker than space. I highly recommend. 

SECONDLY, ANOTHER QUITE EXPENSIVE ONE (SORRY) -  Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is a traditional felt tip job, so perhaps a little easier to use if liquid liner isn't your strong suit. The tip is fine enough to draw slim lines but firm enough to be controlled, and the cap has a clever spring mechanism which means it doesn't dry out for months on end. The formula goes on glossy but dries down quickly to a deep matte black, and cannot be budged by anything except makeup remover. Oily skinned girls, say hello to The One. 

Do you have a signature makeup look? Do you have a signature bowl cut? Let me know in the comments below.