The trickiest and best lip look

I absolutely love nude lips. I'm mad for them. A well chosen nude can take you seamlessly from day to night - I would say from desk to cocktails, but I think that's a phenomenon entirely fabricated by glamour magazine as most people I know tend to go very much from desk to home and sofa and Netflix the end. 

nude lips are tricky af people. We know this.

But evening pursuits aside, a nude lip is one of the few more high maintenance makeup looks I'm willing to grapple with on a day to day basis. I find pinks can look a bit ageing on me, and reds tend to lean a bit too Marilyn impersonator when paired with my absolutely non-negotiable liquid liner flicks. Nudes on the other hand compliment a dark eye perfectly, and have a hint of 60s nostalgia about them which I really can't resist. 

But nude lips are tricky af, people. We know this. A slew of mid noughties D-list celebs seem to have made its their life's work to cement a poorly chosen nude shade as a nationally recognised shorthand for all things tacky. And then there's the dryness factor. The paler the shade, the more the chapped bits show. 

But fear no more, for I give you . . . MAC Shy Girl *gasps, swoons etc*. It's a cremesheen formula, so pretty forgiving on the drier of lip among us, and when worked in with a finger gives a longlasting, slightly sheer wash of coral nudiness that is just so bloody right I can't stand it. Applause to MAC. Nude lips have never been so easy.