What I wore this week

In all my years of blogging on various platforms all vaguely coming under the umbrella of 'lifestyle content', I've never really focused on fashion. Fashion blogging always seemed very out of reach for me. Beyond my budget and beyond my practical capabilities (I don't have the time or the inclination to coordinate proper 'shoots' with a photographer, but no shade to those who do - fashionslave.com is my current obsession) so I stuck with beauty mostly. That, and the fact that I don't change up my looks anywhere near frequently enough to churn out 3+ posts a week featuring a new look in each. 

But I've always loved clothes, and it recently occurred to me that not being able to do it how the pros do should not be a hindrance to sharing some outfits on here. I mean, I wang on about wanting to see more realness in blogging often enough, so what's a few mirror selfies between friends?

So. . . welcome to 'what I wore this week', my new blog series where I'll hopefully be providing a bit of outfit inspiration here and there, as well as a little weekly chat about what I've been up to, all mediated through the highpoint of human artistic endeavour, the smartphone enabled mirror selfie. Because we all need some more realness among the hashtags and flat lays. 

To kick the series off, this week's looks are brought to you by Unpredictable English Weatherâ„¢, which had us shivering on the way to the tube in the morning, then sweating into our wheely chairs by mid afternoon. On one level I'm kind of sad the weather has warmed up as much as it has, as the formality of an H&M swing coat with black leather sock boots from Topshop (similar here) made me feel like a proper grown up, but allowed me to wear some not very grown up super short mini skirts underneath. 

I also got a lot of comments (some positive, some merely inquisitive) about this bright green foil effect bag I found in Zara. I like it because it's weird and unexpected. And all the best outfits incorporate something that makes you stop and think 'hang on. Is that actually really ugly?'. I also added a necklace, which is very unusual for me as I find jewellery fussy at best and basic at worst, but I really fell for this monogram necklace from Anthropologie. It looks a bit like something from Foundrae - my favourite jewellery designer of all time and something I will not be able to afford until I am a fabulous old retiree with shakily applied lipstick and a million weird stories about the good old days when I used to make TV ads (that's the plan folks). 

Anyhoo - I hope you enjoyed the first enstalment. See you next monday for more mirror selfies xx

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